El-O-Matic New Model Actuators

There is a new and improved pneumatic actuator from El-O-Matic on the market. The new design is already available for type 12 up to type 350. Eventually, the new F-series will replace all E-series actuators. For example: type E-350 will be replaced by type F-350.

De nieuwe uitvoering Elomatic aandrijvingen is nu beschikbaar

New features:

- dual travel stop adjustment (open and closed position)

- other springs (for an even better stroke adjustment)

- new design of the housing, new logo

- improved design of the pinion (improved balance)

Because of the new design, the F-series are a little longer, wider and higher due to the placement of the travel stops.


The torques and connections (for mounting on the valve) remain the same. Therefore the old and new actuator types are perfectly interchangeable.


For the complete technical documentation, please click here.


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